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Battery Production
We can find the battery factory of Jász-Plasztik Kft near the nr. 31 mainroad, in the border of Sülysáp, in green area. The land space of the factory is 100 000 m2. The company bought it in 1994. This was the beginning of the prosperity and from that time the factory is continuously developed and became Hungary’s first and most up-to-date battery production facility.
This could be reached by continuous technical innovations, reliable quality and services which satisfies customers’ needs at the possible furthest degree.
The Management of the company supports all the innovations related to quality improvement, they are actively involved in the development of the quality system. They obtained the ISO 9001 certification and the introduction of the ISO16969 is in process. Thank to these steps, Jász-Plasztik Kft became a significant player of the international and domestic market with a yearly produced quantity of around 500 000 pieces.
Main activities:
• Production and development of starter batteries, they also supply special requests
• Production and development of traction acid leadbatteries
• Sales, installation and service activity of own-produced and imported products
• Sales of battery spare parts, such as: cables, connectors, terminals, water refilling systems)
• Technical advise
• Recollection of waste batteries for recycling
The batteries of Jász-Plasztik Kft are treatment – free (PbSb) and maintenance – free (PbCa). They are in Polypropilen boxes and they have aesthetic finish.
Characteristics of their batteries:
• Long life thank to the leadgrid designed by computer, the applied polyethylene enveloping separator and the anti-shake design
• Reliable, continuous and outstanding quality independently from the weather conditions
• Anti-shake box
• Outstanding starting current due to the centralized flag of plate and low inner resistance
• Minimal water consumption owing to the lead/calcium technology
• HD design – anti-shake system for trucks
• Truckcells are made with mirror-welding, with grey or black lids according to customers’ needs, connection is arranged with flexible bolt-on cable and put into plastic-coated steel-trays
The company’ goal besides the perfect quality is the development of the products and the technology, this is ensured by using new materials, environment-friendly technology, highly automated production and the well-qualified employees.
For technical developments they installed a laboratory where they focus their attention on the increasing user requirements.
Their machine-park meets the world standard: the leadgrids are prepared with gravimetric casting from lead-antimony alloy and thank to their newest development, leadgrids are made of lead-calcium alloy with expanding technology.
The leaddust necessary for the battery production is produced by a grinding oxid-making mill, the active material is produced in programmable automatic paste-mixing machine. The pole-assembling is done on one of the most modern machines, the cast-on-strip machines are followed by two up-to-date assembly lines.
The battery installation is done by a fully automated system in Jászberény in forming tanks, with watercooling and with computer- controlled loading equipments.


Thanks to the combination of experience in battery manufacturing and advanced technology, we can offer a wide range of starter batteries for use in both private and company cars. This offer consists of two series.


THE POWER BEHIND YOUR DRIVE.VARTA ULTRA dynamic and the dynamic TRIO range of batteries.Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery – and VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality, and this mantra has earned us the number one position as first choice supplier to the vehicle manufacturers.

The VARTA battery package packs a powerful punch. Our adherence to the highest quality standards mean there is no room for compromise, and our technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. This is why we can, again and again, offer the market products which guarantee improved power and reliability - products which further extend our lead over the competition.

Which VARTA battery is right for you?
That depends on what you need the battery to do. A modern, high-tech car, which has lots of electrical consumers fitted, has a higher electrical consumption. An older, smaller car has less power requirement. Our product line-up caters for every need, and whether it is the ULTRA dynamic battery or one of the batteries from our dynamic TRIO range, you will find VARTA delivers tailormade power for every car. When you choose VARTA, you are opting for guaranteed starting, reliable power to all your electrical consumers, a long life and the peace of mind that your battery will not let you down.


VARTA BLUE dynamic VARTA BLACK dynamic

                                                       INCI AKU

1984   Founded in the name, İnci Akü , by İnci Holding
1985    First OEM supply , 
Transfered license and technology from Austrian Dr. Leopold Jungfer Baren
1993    Formed a joint-venture with CEAC/France             
Starting the production of Tudor for domestic market
1995   Joint venture structure was changed after acquisition of CEAC by  Exide,
Obtained ISO 9002 TSE certificate,
Russian Operation has started
1997   First-time production of Ca Alloy batteries in Turkey
1998   New plant in Kyiv/Ukraine has been founded
1999    First-time introduction of Expanded Metal Batteries in Turkey                 
Obtained QS 9000 certificate
2000    Acquisition of EAS batteries and first production of EAS brand in Inci facilities
2002    Obtained TS 16949 certificate
2005   100% of shares re-owned by İnci Holding ,
Sealed Maintenance Free Battery with advanced silver-tin alloy introduced to the market,
Starting Kaizen in every level of the organization,
Obtained ISO 14001 certificate
2006   Starting six sigma approach             
Obtained Ford Q1 Certificate.
2007   İnci Akü’s production system “INIS” was improved,             
Quality System techniques TPM, QRQC, 5S were started to be applied,               
Our products have been sold over 40 countries,
New foreign OE customers      
2008     Received Supplier Quality Award from TOFAŞ Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş.
Chosen as the Fastest Fish of Turkey.              
Obtained ISO 18001 Ohsas Quality Award
Exports reached to 53 countries  
2009     Been A Class supplier of Volvo             

Exports reached to 62 countries

Exp.Imp. Vuckovic

63069 Offenbach
Odenwaldring 182
Tel. +4969 842 752